Property Marketing

Market Appraisal

At McAllister Realty we strive to achieve the best price possible for each client and every property. Our expert team will assess local market conditions and recent property transactions in order to gauge desirability. We then combine these finding with our in-depth knowledge of the neighbourhood along with your property information, to reach a price that will create interest in the market. Set your price too high and you can deter potential buyers, while setting it too low means you could miss out on that top dollar.

The McAllister Realty team will also listen closely to your personal requirements as we understand each property is different, as are the circumstances for each sale.

First Impressions

Photographs are often the most powerful tool in marketing your property, the team at McAllister Realty believe that an awesome set of images will maximise interest in your home. A photograph will often be the first impression a potential buyer will have of your property, and it can influence their decision to view it. More than ever, your property must stand out from the crowd!

Our belief in the importance of good photography is such that we only work with the best photographers in the business. They will visit your property and take a full range of images, which will then be used in all marketing including the leading online property search portals.

Maximum Exposure

At McAllister Realty we understand that in order to sell your property it’s important to reach the widest possible audience. Our extensive marketing solutions ensure maximum exposure, attracting potential buyers to your property, both locally and further afield via online marketing.

Printed Publications

McAllister Realty understands that many buyers prefer to browse the property pages, while others search the internet for a new home. To that affect we advertise every week in the Fraser Coast Chronicle Real Estate Guide to ensure your home is seen by the widest audience.

The Fraser Coast Chronicle is the largest real estate guide in regional Queensland and;

  • Gives vendors and agents the largest print marketing product on the Fraser Coast
  • Has unmatched marketing coverage across the Fraser Coast for vendors property, by printing 45,000 Fraser Coast Real Estate every week, twice as many as competitors, with 77,000+ readers
  • Fraser Coast Real Estate also provides town maps for Hervey Bay and Maryborough, that make finding open homes easy for readers & prospective buyers
Our Online Presence

Our business strategy has been developed to take full advantage of the latest technology to assist both customers and sales associates in the buying and selling of real estate. In short, we offer the best techniques of traditional real estate practice, fused with fully interactive digital technology enabling us to more effectively market your property. We understand the expertise necessary to catch the public eye through digital marketing and we utilise these for the benefit of our customers and clients.

McAllister Realty’s newly-designed website,, has a great search tool which helps potential buyers find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.

We also utilise the leading online property search portals including and, plus many other property search websites capitalising on the growing number of buyers starting their property search online.

We keep our extensive database up-to-date through regular emails, keeping them informed about latest market information, any new listings, as well as any changes to current listed properties including price reductions.

We’re Social

Our dedicated marketing department is tasked to get McAllister Realty’s properties in the press, while that obviously includes the newspaper and online, we’re also investing in social media so that the buzzing online community gets to hear about your property the moment it hits the market.

The internet is continually changing the way that real estate is conducted. Understanding and harnessing these changes enables us to more effectively market your property

Communication is Vital

At McAllister Realty we know how important communication is, with our clients as well as with potential buyers.

As our clients you can regular updates with feedback on your property and current market conditions. After your Open Homes, we contact any potential buyers who have viewed your property to find out their thoughts and use this information to provide detailed feedback.

We will also schedule meetings during your campaign to have a personal discussion about how things are going. You may have questions, comments or concerns you would like to run by us and we would like a chance to give you more detailed feedback. This can be the time that we need to discuss adjusting the price or tweaking the marketing strategy if we haven’t yet achieved our desired result.

We use a number of different channels to stay in touch, so please inform us of the best way to keep in contact, either by phone, text, email or even social media.

Your Professional Property Consultants

We understand inviting a stranger into your home can be somewhat intimidating and therefore trust is an incredibly important aspect of real estate, trust that we will care for your home as if it were our own. We want to send a clear message to our clients that we are a professional company acting ethically and in your best interests at all times.

Property Management

Landlords and property investors alike can benefit from McAllister Realty’s property management service. Our team applies a wealth of industry experience to the task of caring for of portfolio of managed properties and take great pride in taking care for your property while tenants are in place. The team can deal with all levels of property maintenance, from regular inspections through to checking tenants in and out of a property and dealing with all the financial matters during the tenancy.